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Customer Service Management

With Taurus, ensure your customers receive the best-personalized customer service solutions with 24×7 voice support that addresses all their needs. Our friendly and interactive team provides your customers with an understanding environment to voice their queries and receive what they need when they need it. Taurus BPO’s call centre services give you a partner who effectively promotes your company and offers consumers prompt, efficient services. 

Cross Sales

Increase your overall sales and make customers aware of your products and services through our effective cross-sales services. Our expert team navigates through your customer’s journey, understanding their needs and moods to find the perfect opportunity for notifying them about your product offerings. Our team ensures your customers stay updated with all your offerings and enables you to work on other, more crucial business responsibilities like research, decision-making, planning, and growth track. 


Organize all your pending payments and reduce accounts receivable with our industry-specific collection processes. Our team helps you send regular follow-ups and collect overdue payments, reducing the risk of bad debts. Our professional services allow you to maximize sales, minimize the receivable balance, and generate a significant turnover rate by reducing the turnaround time for every receivable amount. 

Dealer Management

Maintain good relations with your suppliers and ensure uniformity in products and services with our dealer management services. Our team helps you improve dealer experience, which is crucial in quality control and overall customer experience. Taurus allows you to work on various stages of a seller’s lifecycle, including onboarding, developing a selling plan, and introduction to rules and regulations. We ensure your dealers always comply with your quality standard regulations and avoid a breach of information leakage.

Lead Generation

Optimize business processes and save valuable time with professional lead generation services with Taurus. Our team helps simplify business operations to identify potential leads and create custom plans cross-selling and up-selling plans. We provide end-to-end lead generation services allowing your sales team to skip through the grunt work of collecting data and focus on converting every lead into a potential client. We use effective strategies to deliver the best user experience and attract loyal customers. 

Quality Monetering

Ensure optimum customer satisfaction and make sure you resolve all customer queries with our detailed quality monitoring services. With professional tools and high-end data analysis, we make it possible for you to track the performance of each agent and develop scalable solutions for the future. Taurus helps you track any deviations in your customer management processes, allowing you to draft corrective measures and improve organization processes at every level. 

Chatbot & Technology

Promptly greet and acknowledge each consumer and give them all the relevant data they require with Chatbots. Our customized chatbots help you build an interactive platform for users to post their queries. We enable you to deliver excellent customer support and deal with all their queries in a minimum time. Our chatbot technologies help you identify customer expectations and manage them accordingly with live data collection through chat sessions and the most queries published.  

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