Call Centre Services

Outbound – We help you with this critical task involving customer acquisition, collections, and dealer management. Our team will represent the face of your organization with utmost sincerity keeping in mind the values and business objectives of your organization. Our solution provides an expert and consistent approach in increasing productivity & optimizing cost.     

Inbound – Business does not sustain with large sales but with regular and loyal customers which is only possible with post sales treatment. We assist you with handling communication received from customer end that is customer care queries through calling, emailing and web chats.


Leads are sorted & put to dial in accordance to the dialling strategy to ensure maximum output

Your Customer (KYC) procedures are a critical function to assess customer risk and a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. Effective KYC involves knowing a customer’s identity, their financial activities and the risk they pose.

We provide services in cross selling of personal loan, refinancing of tractor loan, two wheeler loans, home loans, consumer durable, mobile insurance, health insurance, mobile handset sales, telecom sales, DTH sales, MGM sales, upgrades, digital lead management

For collection services we offer two wheeler portfolio collection, tractor portfolio, consumer durable portfolio and personal loan portfolio.

We offer selling of value added services in any service industry but primarily telecom, to promote company’s primary business.

We offer cost-effective online chat support services to assist you with expanding your market reach, increasing your visitors’ volume, and minimizing the visitor dropouts from your website.

Using a qualified list of prospect and telemarketing campaigns can increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction without increasing your staffing and training costs. We help you with this process through our telemarketing and sales force.

An effective welcome call helps to create a foundation for a lasting relationship. Retaining customers costs less than acquiring them, so it makes sense to have a strong retention strategy in place – starting as soon as a prospect is converted.

On boarding new customers involve listening to their questions and concerns and answering them. Our team is dedicated to make their experience as smooth as possible.

We offer bulk SMS services to Increase sales and customer satisfaction with smarter SMS campaigns, instant OTPs, notifications, two-way interactions etc

Through dealer management services we drive business for consumer durables, farm equipment, and home loan dealers.

Payroll processing is not just about salaries, but also includes the financial records related to an employee’s work history, such as deductions, bonuses, overtime, taxes, etc. We help you to keep this up-to-date and accurate with our payroll services.

Data entry activities must frequently be accelerated because the recorded data is required for critical business operations – for example, preparing invoices and updating databases. Our team of dedicated employees help you with this process of entering data which is time-consuming and requires attention to detail.

Resolving any complaint a customer of your business may have, is an integral part of the Customer Relationship Management process. In this age of 24/7 connectivity, customers expect to be regarded to at all hours of the day. By outsourcing this service from our company you can be assured of a cost-effective process and that your valuable customers will get courteous treatment at all times.

Through Email services we offer user-friendly features to manage mailing lists, email design, and metrics to monitor your success. With our email inbox management service, all of your business emails are handled 24/7, 365 days a year with no need for out of office messages or delayed responses. A dedicated team of agents will be assigned to your emails, meaning they will know your business and client base.

Query Desk service is focused on providing 1st level customer service support to clients with respect to their operations. We will act as a Single Point of Contact to meet the communication needs of both users and clients, and to satisfy both customers and clients.

We do manage customer social media engagement via robust tool along with Order processing, invoice processing and Collection processing.

Social Media

To cater to customers with different interests, your business needs to have profiles on multiple social media platforms. A professional portfolio on LinkedIn, a politically correct Twitter account, an engaging Facebook page, and a vibrant Instagram gallery have become essentials of social networking for most organisations.

The question then is how to administer social media presence efficiently across so many channels?

We makes it simpler for you to manage and optimise your social networks. By sharing the right content at the right time, we help you drive more engagement and win more followers. And we know where to place those hashtags and @ mentions to keep your posts in high rankings. We also enable data collection and analysis through your social media handles. Our experienced customer care team can monitor user sentiments across different platforms using custom tools and decipher their exact meanings for your business.


1200+ Seats

Language Capability

50000+ Sq. Ft Area


Revenue 240 Million+

In sync with what our name proposes– TAURUS, Our Company established in 2010 stands for RELIABILITY, VIABILITY and being AMBITIOUS towards our business partners to deliver impeccable results. Taurus BPO thrives on Technology based Automation, Process Innovation & Human Effort to excel the client’s requirements & have consistently proven to be successful in delivering high productivity. The list of clients in our range endures testimony to our great reputation and deep experience reaped over the years in this field.





    In Sync with true meaning of the word – TAURUS, Our company established in 2010 stands for Reliability, Practicability and being Ambitious towards our business objective & delivering best results.
    Taurus BPO thrives on Technology based Automation, Process Innovation & Human Effort to exceed the client's requirements & have consistently succeeded in delivering high productivity.


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